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Residents of Avon, MN can take advantage of the area’s natural amenities – including the lakes and other recreational areas. Meanwhile, Avon’s close proximity to St. Cloud provides an easy commute, all while offering peace and quiet outside the city.

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Avon features many recreational areas – including Evie’s Garden, Amphitheatre Wobegon Park, City Beach, Lake Wobegon Trail, and more. Meanwhile, the city is also home to the Avon Lakers, an amateur baseball team.


Avon features a local supermarket, hardware store, a laundromat, and a number of other small local businesses. Meanwhile, it’s recommend driving east and into St. Cloud for larger stores like Target.


The city features a number of local restaurants including Fishers Club, Brudies Pizza, a Subway, and McDonalds.


Avon manages utilities including drinking water and public works. The residents of the city take great pride in the area – keeping Avon clean and allowing the area’s natural beauty to shine.


Avon is served by Albany Area Schools and includes Avon Elementary. The nearest institutions of higher education are located in St. Cloud.


Avon is located just off of Interstate 94, with other major roadways including Highway 54 and County Road 55.


Avon is governed by a Mayor-council. The incumbent mayor is Hugh Cox.

City History

Avon was founded in 1873, taking its name from the River Avon in the United Kingdom. In 2000, the city celebrated its centennial incorporation. Today its home to over 1,300 residents.

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