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Castle Rock Township has access to many excellent schools, close proximity to wonderful shopping, and high quality business opportunities in Dakota County, MN. If you’re interested in moving to a quieter life in the scenic countryside, browse our listings of homes for sale in Castle Rock MN today!

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Castle Rock


The Castle Rock Township and the nearby cities of Northfield and Farmington feature hundreds of acres of natural areas, parks, and open spaces. Residents of the area can enjoy recreational activities like walking and hiking through nature, biking, running, and in-line skating. In this area, people of all ages can take part in events, activities, and programs promoting healthy lifestyles.


Castle Rock offers shops for your everyday essentials, and its neighboring cities of Farmington and Northfield feature many one-of-a-kind shops for all of your other shopping needs. For beautiful gifts, clothing, and products, head to Northfield’s Monarch Gift Shop. You can also venture over to the River Park Mall for more commercial shopping.


Castle Rock & Roll Bar & Grill is the most popular dining spot in the Castle Rock area. It boasts excellent bar food, pizza, and service. In nearby Farmington, check out 3 Rivers Eatery & Brewhouse if you’re looking for a spot with a great menu and awesome atmosphere! Explore the rest of Farmington and Northfield and you’ll find exactly what you’re craving.


Dakota County created a Green Guide for its residents to help with going green and determines the best way to recycle or dispose of their items. It also teaches them about the effects of garbage on their health and the environment.


Castle Rock provides a K-5 progressive charter school for students residing in the community, and the Township is served by three school districts: Farmington School District, Randolph School District, and Northfield School District. These districts are responsible for providing exceptional educational resources and services to the surrounding communities, including Castle Rock.


There are no independent public transportation services in the Township of Castle Rock, with the exception of the school districts’ bus transportation for students.

Local Government

The local Castle Rock government operates a board of supervisors and commission members. They meet to discuss the general business of the Township on the 2nd Monday of each month.

City History

There is an unincorporated community within Castle Rock Township called Castle Rock. The community took its name from the Township, and there was also a post office called Castle Rock that was established in 1858. The name Castle Rock originally derived from a nearby rock formation.

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