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One of the best features in Cottage Grove is the drive-in movie theatre, which shows new feature films all summer long. If you are searching for homes for sale in Cottage Grove, MN, view our Cottage Grove real estate listings today.

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Cottage Grove offer residents’ access to over 1,100 acres of parks and open space. These park spaces include sports fields, trails, playgrounds, picnic areas, outdoor skating rinks and more. The city is also home to an indoor ice arena, and is located just minutes from Afton State Park. In addition to outdoor activities, the Parks and Recreation department of Cottage Grove provides sports leagues and other programming for people of all ages. From lacrosse leagues to open broomball, you’ll find it in Cottage Grove.


There are several great shopping areas in Cottage Grove. Shopping centers like Cottage Grove Plaza, 80th Street Village Green, 80th Street Crossing and the Shoppes at Gateway North are filled with retail and service shops all conveniently located for residents to take advantage of. Other shopping centers like the Premium Outlets in Eagan, and the Mall of America are only a short drive away.


Cottage Grove is home to a plethora of restaurants to satisfy any craving. If you’re feeling exotic there’s Las Margaritas Mexican Restaurant, serving up authentic Mexican cuisine and hosting great daily specials. Thinking about classic American fare? American Motorsports Bar & Grill has great burgers and sandwiches in a fun, family-friendly atmosphere.


The city of Cottage Grove seeks to promote sustainable, green practices in its buildings, city businesses, and homes. This is why the Sustainable City Awards are awarded to outstanding members of the community – be it businesses or residents – who have made efforts to improve sustainability in the city. These awards are an extension of the city’s Environmental Commission, which is in place to assist and advise the city council on matters concerning Cottage Grove’s physical environment. The commission created the awards to emphasize the importance of sustainability and environmentally friendly practices, further stressing the city’s commitment to the cause.


South Washington County Public Schools, independent school district 833, is responsible for providing education services to the residents of Cottage Grove. Consisting of 25 schools – 16 elementary schools, four middle schools, and four high schools – the district is proud to have been awarded for their academics as well as their athletics and arts programs.


Cottage Grove utilizes the same public transit system that is used by the majority of the metro area, Metro Transit. Park and Ride lots with express buses to the Twin Cities downtown districts provide easy access to the city for commuters residing in Cottage Grove. Transit Link, a different transit company, provides dial-a-ride services for seniors and those with disabilities as well.

Local Government

Cottage Grove’s uses a Mayor/Council/Administrator form of local government to serve its residents. The Mayor presides over the four-member city council, and the council in turn appoints a city administrator. Together, this group presides over city administrative policy.

City History

James Sullivan Morris originally settled Cottage Grove in 1842. The farm he claimed was aptly named Cottage Grove, and though at one time the area was split into two villages, the name stuck. The area was first cultivated for grain farming, and then transitioned into dairy. When the railroad came to the area in 1869 everything began to change. The village of Langdon – which would be absorbed when the city Cottage Grove was formed – then became a busy trade district and shipping town. Though the township remained rural for years following, this first installment of industry helped the area to prosper. In the 1950s, after World War II the population boomed, jumping from fewer than 1,000 residents to just fewer than 13,500 in 1970. This growth trend continued, and by 2000, Cottage Grove was home to about 30,000 residents and that number continues to climb to this day.

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