Goodhue County Homes For Sale

Located about an hour southeast of the Twin Cities, about 40 minutes east of Northfield and Faribault, as well as 40 minutes north-northwest of Rochester, Goodhue County has easy access to the countless amenities in all of the surrounding cities. If you’d like to find a quiet place to call home that is centrally located near world-class medical centers, top ranked universities, and everything in-between, check out our listings of homes for sale in Goodhue County.

Median Home Price: $160,980

Goodhue County


Residents of Goodhue County have access to beautiful parks, trails and recreational amenities perfect for all types of outdoor activities. Lake Byllesby Park provides everything from a swimming beach, fishing dock, boat landing, playground, volleyball court, and more. The County also maintains several trails for those who enjoy biking, hiking, walking, and bird watching along the Cannon River Valley.


There are a variety of shopping areas in Goodhue County ranging from commercial shopping malls to quaint boutiques. These retail areas are located mainly in Cannon Falls, Red Wing, and Zumbrota. Red Wing, known for specialty shoes and pottery, and Cannon Falls, which is great for antiquing, are both filled with a wide selection of distinct retailers that any shopper would love. From big box stores to single-shop boutiques, you can find just about anything in Goodhue County.


Goodhue County is serving up everything from burgers to seafood in its wide selection of eateries. From traditional fast food spots to unique dining experiences, you’ll find something to for every belly here. Some local favorites include Harbor Restaurant Bar & Marina in Red Wing, which offers mouthwatering steaks and seafood entries; as well as Brewster’s Bar and Grill in Cannon Falls, preparing amazing Juicy Lucy’s, sandwiches, and more.


To improve sustainability efforts throughout the county, Goodhue has adopted several zoning ordinances to promote the use of solar panels and solar energy in the construction of new residences and businesses alike. The County also goes to great lengths to conserve its natural resources and maintain water and air quality.


The school districts serving the residents of Goodhue County are as follows:

  • Cannon Falls School District #252
  • Faribault School District #656
  • Goodhue School District #253
  • Hastings School District #200
  • Kenyon / Wanamingo School District #2172
  • Lake City School District #813
  • Northfield School District #659
  • Pine Island School District #255
  • Randolph School District #195
  • Red Wing School District #256
  • Triton School District #2125
  • Zumbrota / Mazeppa School District #2805


There are two transit companies providing public transportation services in Goodhue County: Red Wing Transit Service and Hiawathaland Transit. These companies offer local services to those in Red Wing and Zumbrota respectively, with additional routes that service those in other parts of the county.

Local Government

The Goodhue County Board of Commissioners is responsible for the management of affairs within the County. These include budgetary and operational oversight as well as all policy-making decisions. The board is made up of five district-elected members representing different parts of the County.

City History

Goodhue County was created by an act of Minnesota’s territorial legislature in March 1853. During that time, there was a major land-buying rush, prompting new farmers to settle in the area. After the Civil War, Goodhue County established itself as one of the leading wheat growing counties, producing flour and distributing it throughout the state and country. The addition of the railroad bolstered the economy further, until the Great Depression. Luckily, a majority of the County’s farms and industrial ventures survived, and prospered. After WWII, Goodhue County saw a population boom, leading to its 46,500 residents who currently call the area home.

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