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Kimball is located just where highway 55 meets highway 55 in Stearns County, hence the motto of the city “at the intersection of 15 & 55.” Residents love the area’s natural beauty and recreational amenities.

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Just south of the railroad tracks is Willow Creek Park. Covering over 22 acres, amenities include a playground, baseball field, nature trails, a hockey rink, and volleyball court.


The city includes a general store, a mini mart, and several other locally owned small businesses. Meanwhile, the Kimball Area Chamber of Commerce features a number of member businesses that reside in the greater Kimball area.


Popular local restaurants include the Main Street Pub, Triple R Grill & Bar, and Son of a Butcher Bar & Grill. Traveling into the greater St. Cloud area is recommended for additional dining options.


Kimball residents are proud of their city and dedicated to keeping the area clean through recycling and other green-focused measures.


The city is served by Kimball Area Public Schools – which covers elementary, high school, and early childhood education.


The city receives its motto for being where highways 15 and 55 cross. To get into St. Cloud, residents can drive about 28 minutes north on highway 55.


Kimball is governed by a mayor and city council. The incumbent mayor is Mayor Tammy Konz. City council meetings are held twice per month.

City History

Originally known as Kimball Prairie, Kimball was founded in the 19th century. Today, the city’s town hall is listed on the national register of historic buildings. Kimball, meanwhile, can also trace its history to the Soo Line Railroad – known for transporting products related to agriculture and construction.

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