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More than 12 thousand people living in the area enjoy the city’s great public school system, a number of parks and a community center that’s beautiful and keeps residents informed of all the latest happenings in the area. If you are looking for homes in Mounds View, MN, view our Mounds View real estate listings today.

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Mounds View


Mounds View offers an abundance of recreational activities for the community; you’ll find adult football and softball leagues, youth football, hockey, softball leagues, rugby clubs, and Mounds View Community Theater. There is something for everyone in the abundant city of Mounds View!


If you enjoy shopping, Mounds View offers a variety of local stores. Find bigger brands at discount prices at DEALSmart, or come by MN Radio City Inc for a wide selection of amateur radio equipment. If you’re looking for department store shopping, you can find Target, CVS, and the Rosedale Center nearby for all of your needs!


Mounds View has a plethora of dining options that are perfect for any occasion. R.J Riches Family Restaurant offers home cooking, family style meals perfect for Sunday brunch. Mermaid, An American Grille offers many attractions including a restaurant, bar, game area, and a bowling and event center. Looking to grab a beer? Head over to Moe’s of Moundsview, where “you’re almost home with Moe’s!”


Mounds View is a community dedicated to minimizing waste and protecting the environment. Residents have the option to bring their food waste and non recyclable paper to the Ramsey County Yard Waste Sites. They also offer a Fix-It Clinic for broken household appliances, clothing or electronics with volunteers available to help you fix your items rather than disposing of them. Hosting an event? Consider using Event Containers for recycling and organics for portable transport, loaned at no cost to you! Mounds View offers a wide variety of recycling and reusing options for the whole community.


Mounds View Public Schools consist of six elementary schools, three middle schools, and two high schools. Mounds View also hosts early childhood education options through the public school system, as well as alternative education programs.


The local bus route 25 serves Mounds View and surrounding cities, as well as two express bus routes. Metro Mobility services are available for certified riders who are unable to use a fixed bus route due to disability or a health condition.

Local Government

The City Council is the legal body of the city government and handles all public policy. The Council consists of the Mayor and four elected council members. Members are elected to four year overlapping terms, with the Mayor elected for two year terms.

City History

The Township of Mounds View was created on May 11, 1858, the very same day that Minnesota became a state. For more than 100 years the township thrived with loggers, mill hands, trappers and truck gardeners. What struck visitors about this township were the strange mounds of sand and gravel in the northeast corner, high enough to be seen from almost anywhere. Today those mounds are nearly gone due mainly to nature and the needs of World War II when the area became a small arms arsenal; however, this was the origin of the town name. By 1939 Knollwood Park was established with 45 new homes, and the population continued to grow. Finally on April 22, 1958 Mounds View Township became a village, and became an official city in 1973.

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