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Located on Interstate 90 between Rochester and Albert Lea, residents in Mower County have easy access to countless other amenities including world-renowned healthcare provided by the Mayo Clinic. Check out our listings of homes for sale in Mower County to find your next place today.

Median Home Price: $88,000

Mower County


Mower County provides a variety of recreational facilities and amenities giving residents the opportunity to get out and get active. From nature centers and parks, to boat access and trails, there are plenty of spaces to play, hike, bike, and swim. For a fantastic recreational activity the whole family can enjoy, try camping out at Beaver Trails Campground!


No matter what you’re shopping for, you’ll find the perfect retailer in Mower County. From large stores like Sears and Wal-Mart in Austin to small boutiques like Starr’s Gifts & More in Grand Meadow, there is everything from apparel to shoes to home goods, all nearby. Plus, additional commercial areas are located in neighboring Albert Lea.


Hungry? Mower County has everything from fast food to unique dining spots. Whether you’re in need of a family-friendly eatery or the perfect place for date night, you’ll find it here. If you’re looking for delicious burgers or pizza, stop by The Oasis in Dexter. Craving a big juicy steak? Head to the Old Mill Restaurant in Austin in you won’t go home disappointed.


Mower County’s sustainability practices are centered mainly in Austin. Austin’s Sustainability Taskforce works to implement policies and best practices to increase environmental friendliness. With the addition of these practices, Austin has earned the designation of GreenStep City.


Southern Minnesota Area Rural Transit (SMART) provides public transportation services to the residents of Mower County through the city of Austin. SMART connects residents to the surrounding communities of Albert Lea and Owatonna, providing both regular and dial-a-ride services.

Local Government

The Mower County Board of Commissioners provides services to the communities within the county while providing administrative and budgetary oversight. This five-member board consists of one member from each county district and meets three times a month to discuss county policies and ordinances.

City History

Mower County was first carved out of Rice County on February 20th, 1855, and formally established by Governor Willis A. Gorman on March 1st, 1856. The county was named after John Edward Mower, a member of the territorial legislature. Agriculture began as the county’s main industry, which is still true of many areas today, outside of the main districts of Austin, which is the county seat. The county is now home to just under 40,000 residents.

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