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If you’re looking for a quiet place to call home, look no further than St. Joseph Minnesota. The people are friendly, the businesses are welcoming and the area’s natural beauty is stunning. Discover a home that’s the perfect fit in our listings!

Median Home Price: $158,800.00

St. Joseph


The city of St. Joseph is home to the trailhead of Lake Wobegon Trail, so residents can enjoy 62 miles worth of hiking, biking and cross-country skiing. St. Joseph has 78 acres of parkland spread across eight local parks.


You will find your standard hardware, gift and general stores right in town. For anything else you may need to buy, St. Cloud is just a short drive away, and has a plethora of shopping options for every situation.


Looking for some mouthwatering Italian food? You can find it in St. Joseph at Bello Cucina, a local favorite. How about some more homely food at a place with a funky name? Bo Diddly’s Deli may be just what you’re looking for. What’s more you can always take a short trip to St. Cloud for nearly endless dining options.


St. Joseph provides recycling services for residents, in addition to weekly waste pickup. Stearns County has a reuse store near St. Joseph to give a second life to functional products that arrive at the Household Hazardous Waste Facility. You will find items like paint, aerosols and adhesives at this location.


St. Cloud Area School District 742 serves St. Joseph. The district has been recognized nationally for providing an innovative education that prepares students for future success in a wide variety of endeavors. 60% of the districts educators have advanced degrees. An extensive staff development program ensures that each student receives a quality education.


There are no public transportation options in St. Joseph, besides school bus services for students in the St. Cloud Area School District.

Local Government

St. Joseph has a five-person city council that meets on the first and third Monday of each month. The group meets to discuss agendas related to city projects, ordinances and development.

City History

The area began as a German settlement in 1854, and the township was created in 1858. Many farmers quickly bought land in the area, due to the fertile soils. Soon enough, St. Joseph began providing public services as businesses popped up around town. Since it’s initial growth period, St. Joseph has become more residential and it continues to welcome visitors from across the state and country.

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