Sibley County Homes For Sale

With fun local entertainment, shopping, and dining, as well as perfectly maintained lakes and parks, there’s something for residents of all ages to enjoy here. Find your new home here by browsing our listings of homes for sale in Sibley County.

Median Home Price: $102,000

Sibley County


Sibley County is home to three beautiful regional parks: Clear Lake Park, High Island Creek Park, and Rush River Park. Each park has it’s own distinct amenities ranging from camping, picnic shelters, playground equipment, grills, swimming beaches, boat launches and more. Whether you’re looking to fish, swim, bike, play, or camp, there’s a perfect park in Sibley County for you.


Shopping in Sibley County provides residents with everything from Uncle Charlie’s Flowers to auto repair to antiques. Concentrated retail centers exist in Arlington, Gaylord, and Winthrop, with stand-alone shops and boutiques scattered throughout the county. No matter what you need, you’ll find it in Sibley County.


If you’re hungry, there’s an eclectic selection of restaurants in Sibley County sure to satisfy any craving. Some local hotspots include Hahn’s Dining & Lounge in Winthrop, Prairie House Restaurant in Gaylord, and Arlington Haus in Arlington. From chain restaurants to unique home cooking, you’ll find something to please any palate in Sibley County.


Sibley County is dedicated to maintaining a healthy and sustainable environment for its residents and native plants and animals. With a strategic plan to reduce excess energy use, utilize green building practices, and extensive recycling and efficient waste programs already in place, the County is poised for a bright and environmentally friendly future.


Trailblazer Transit services the public transportation needs of Sibley County. This company provides extensive pubic transit services to all residents of Sibley, McLeod, and Wright counties.

Local Government

Meeting every second and fourth Tuesday of every month, the Sibley County Board of Commissioners governs the County at the local level. This five-member board is responsible for all legislative oversight and is the authority in charge of operations and budgetary allocations.

County History

Sibley County’s early history is one shrouded in mystery, as the official historical documents were destroyed in a fire in October of 1863. The County was established in March of 1853, and named after General Henry Hastings Sibley – the military defender and governor of Minnesota. Though much information about the beginnings of the County was lost, Sibley County began as an agricultural area, which can still be seen today. Currently, the County is home to just over 15,000 residents.

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