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Bloomer boasts a top-notch school district and excellent healthcare facilities. It also offers a buzzing downtown district, along with fantastic local eateries and shopping opportunities. Browse our Bloomer real estate listings today!Median Home Price: $135,000



The beautiful city of Bloomer, Wisconsin is full of amazing recreational opportunities for residents of all ages. From playground equipment, sport courts, ball fields, and pavilions at the city’s parks, to the swimming beach at Lake Como, to the 18-hole golf course, there are all types of fun to be had in Bloomer!


From auto dealerships to grocery stores to gift shops, you’ll find all types of shopping experiences in Bloomer. Whether you’re in search of flowers, clothing, electronics, or anything in-between, you’ll find the perfect retailer here. But, if you’re looking for something you can’t seem to find in town, the regional shopping center of Eau Claire is just a short 30 minutes away.


The city of Bloomer is chalk full of mouthwatering eateries. If you’re in the mood for something familiar, or something a little off the beaten track, you’ll find the perfect restaurant for you. From spectacular Italian at Fat Boy’s Pizza to authentic Mexican cuisine at Casa Mexicana, to phenomenal burgers and sandwiches at The Next Place Bar & Grill, there is truly something for everyone.


To keep the city as clean and environmentally friendly as possible, Bloomer not only promotes comprehensive recycling programs, but also is home to a recycling center for larger items.


The School District of Bloomer, Wisconsin provides comprehensive educational services for Bloomer residents as well as those living in neighboring rural communities. The district boasts state-of-the-art facilities including innovative technology resources for staff and students to take advantage of. With a host of extra-curricular activities and outstanding curriculum, the Bloomer School District is home to a phenomenal graduation rate of 99.6%.


There are currently no public transit authorities operating in the city of Bloomer.

Local Government

The Bloomer City Council is staffed by the Mayor and four additional councilmembers each elected by their respective city ward. This council is responsible for allocating city budget dollars, and ensuring that city run facilities, programs, and services are available to the public as needed.

City History

In 1848, a man named Bloomer, who had up until that point been a successful merchant, chose the current site of Bloomer to erect a mill. After this initial development, Bloomer (the man) decided to leave the settlement and sell the property. In 1855, the Village of Bloomer was officially settled as the community of Vanville, though some years later, the name was changed back. The settlement was relatively small until the addition of the railroad brought prosperity to the area. Today, Bloomer is home to around 3,500 residents, and is a thriving community with booming business, spectacular schools, and countless amenities.

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