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Just a short distance from Boardman, you can access many nearby recreational opportunities, including exploring waterfalls, fishing, and more. Because the community is dedicated to its residents and cares about education, it promotes lifelong learning through its schools and adult learning programs. Browse our listings for homes for sale in Boardman if you’re looking for a wonderful community to grow in!Median Home Price: $350,330



Due to its location between Hudson and New Richmond, living in Boardman, Wisconsin provides residents with a plethora of recreational opportunities to enjoy. Whether you wish to explore the waterfalls at Willow River State Park, play an intense game of paintball at Splat Tag, or go fishing in Bass Lake, there is something for residents of all ages to love near Boardman.


If you love shopping, you’ll love centrally located Boardman. Situated between two regional shopping areas, residents can peruse the quaint shops and spectacular art studios in Hudson, as well as pick up anything and everything you need in New Richmond. Both cities are chalk full of retailers – just take your pick!


Looking for the perfect place to dine out? Boardman is home to some spectacular eateries, and is surrounded by countless more! From playing beach volleyball in the summer and enjoying a delicious burger on the patio at Meister’s Bar & Grill, to the cold drinks and delicious pizza at Boardman Bypass, you can’t go wrong!


To keep Boardman as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible, St. Croix County provides comprehensive recycling services and extensive resources to residents. To learn more, visit the county website, here.


The School District of New Richmond provides for all of the educational needs of Boardman residents of all ages. In order to promote lifelong learning, this district offers a wide range of programming for pre-K to adults students. From innovative teaching techniques to cutting-edge technology, this district is dedicated to ensuring that each and every member of the community can reach their full potential.


There is no public transportation service available in Boardman at this time.

Local Government

Boardman is located within the Richmond Township. The Richmond Town Board consists of the chairperson, four supervisors, the clerk, and the treasurer. Together, these officials work to provide residents of the township with the services and facilities they need.

Town History

Boardman began as a small community that went by the name of Lone Tree. In 1856, Francis S. Boardman arrived in the area, and as the first merchant and postmaster, the town was soon named after him. The settlement grew rather quickly, with a school district organized the year after it was established. The community continued to grow until disaster struck in 1899. That summer, a tornado decimated Boardman, which took years to recover from. After that, the community remained small, and has maintained it’s small town identity to this very day.

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