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Prescott real estate listings are filled with beautiful homes ranging from ramblers and ranch styles to classic bungalows, cottages, split-levels and more. Whether you're in search of an empty lot to build on, a newly constructed home, or a home with some history, you'll find the perfect fit when you browse homes for sale in Prescott!Median Home Price: $197,440



The city of Prescott, Wisconsin features over a dozen park facilities offering amenities from public beaches, to boat launches, to fishing piers, basketball courts, and swing sets. Whether you want to picnic, play soccer, or ice skate, this community has the perfect place to get out and get active. The city also provides a variety of recreational clubs and activities, like the Prescott Sportsman’s Club, which teaches youth how to hunt and fish.


Prescott is home to an eclectic mix of retailers. Whether you’re in search of fireworks, quilting materials, antiques, or groceries, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for right in town. Check out Twin Fish Boutique for fun accessories, beauty products, and clothing; or River Bank Antiques for a unique gift you can’t find anywhere else!


If you’re looking for great eats in Prescott, you are truly spoiled for choice. With a diverse mix of flavors from different cultures, you’re sure to find something that everyone will love. Some local favorites include spectacular ribs from Muddy Waters Bar & Grill; mouthwatering stuffed burgers at the Brickyard Pub & Eatery; and phenomenal Asian cuisine at Five Stars Chinese Restaurant.


Aside from extensive recycling programs, the city of Prescott promotes a unique sustainability initiative in the form of Borner Farm. Borner Farm is a community farm that grows fresh produce and distributes CSA shares, helping to create a more sustainable food option for those within Prescott and the surrounding communities.


TThe School District of Prescott provides traditional and extra curricular educational resources and services to residents of the city and those in the surrounding area. This district is known for consistently scoring above state averages on achievement tests, in addition to rigorous curriculum and exceptional athletics programs.


There are currently no public transit services in Prescott.

Local Government

The Prescott Common Council consists of the mayor and six alderpersons. Three of these additional members are elected by the specific wards of the city, while the other three are elected at-large. The council is responsible for presiding over policy and ordinance decisions, amending the annual budget, and other legislative actions. Meetings are held every second and fourth Monday of the month.

City History

The City of Prescott was first settled around 1840, though it took 11 years before it was officially named. Because of the town’s location, Prescott became a center for commerce, and a frequent stop for those traveling on steamboats up, or down the St. Croix or the Mississippi. This boom time saw the construction of new homes, hotels, restaurants, banks, mills, and more. But, with the advent of the railroad, steamboat traffic ground to a halt. This slowed overall development, but the town still thrived. Today, Prescott is home to around 4,000 residents and a variety of thriving industries.

Pierce County

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