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Spring Valley exhibits an excellent school district, unique shopping spots, and a variety of eating options. In this village, community, recreation, and the arts are all greatly valued. Browse our listings for homes for sale in Spring Valley today!Median Home Price: $151,790

Spring Valley


Spring Valley is full of fun an exciting things to do. From playing a round at the Spring Valley Golf Course to exploring Crystal Cave, there is truly something for everyone! Spring Valley is known for Eau Galle Dam and Recreational Area, which features the Eau Galle reservoir, campgrounds, a beach, hiking trails, and more. This spectacular recreational haven is perfect for fishing, swimming, bird watching, and more.


The Village of Spring Valley is home to an eclectic assortment of stores where residents can purchase groceries, gifts, quilting supplies, and everything in-between. From Cady Cheese Factory Inc., to MBC Sports sporting good store, to Family Dollar, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.


The selection of eateries in Spring Valley offers residents a variety of dining options. If you’re looking for a delicious burger or chicken dinner, head to the local favorite Sneaker’s Pub & Eatery. Thinking wings or a spectacular sandwich? Try the Iron Horse Saloon.


Spring Valley residents can take advantage of the recycling programs put forth by Pierce County.


The Spring Valley School District provides comprehensive amenities, services, and resources to fulfill the educational needs of residents. From Tae Kwon Do classes for all ages to biotechnology & genetics curriculum provided to high school students, this district provides innovative, rigorous coursework and produces exemplary resources to learners of all ages.


There is no public transit service available in Spring Valley, Wisconsin.

Local Government

Charged with increasing access to public services and ensuring that village funds are appropriately allocated, the Spring Valley Village Board provides legislative and administrative oversight for all village business. The board consists of the Village President and six trustees, and meets publicly on the fourth Wednesday of each month.

Village History

Though logging interests came to the area in the late 1850s, Spring Valley didn’t become established until the coming of the “pig iron” industry in 1891. Once iron ore was discovered, the community boomed, and by 1895 was home to a population of 1,000 mine workers and their families. The issue though, was that the town had a serious flood problem, flooding in 1894, 1896, 1903, 1907, 1934, 1938, and 1942. Because of the onslaught of flooding, the community decided to build a dam – and twenty years later it was finally constructed. The building of the dam is now commemorated by Dam Days, and the beauty of the resulting Eau Galle recreational area simply cannot be beat.

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