St. Croix County Homes For Sale

From visiting the falls at Willow River State Park to golfing in New Richmond, you’ll find something for everyone here. Check out our listings of homes for sale in St. Croix County and find your new place now!

Median Home Price: $196,000

St. Croix County


St. Croix County is filled with fantastic recreational amenities and beautifully maintained parks for residents to enjoy. From swimming at Troy Beach to picnicking at Pine Lake Park, there are practically endless opportunities to get out and boat, fish, hike, snowmobile, snowshoe, ice skate and more. The County is also home to the Willow River State Park, boasting beautiful waterfalls and scenic views.


Shopping in St. Croix County includes everything from quaint art galleries to big box stores, and unique finds to everyday essentials. Commercial areas can be found in Hudson, New Richmond, Hammond, and Baldwin, with countless other stores throughout the area. Whether you’re looking for Target, or Bella Luca Boutique, you’ll find clothing, gifts, art, antiques and more.


If you’re hungry in St. Croix County, you have numerous options to satisfy any craving. From chain and fast food restaurants to completely unique dining experiences, you’ll find all sorts of cuisine within the County. If you’re looking for upscale riverside patio dining, head to Pier 500 in Hudson for mouthwatering steaks and seafood. Looking for a more laid-back atmosphere? Stop by the Hilltop Bar & Grill Pizza Planet for outstanding pizza and burgers.


St. Croix County works to create a sustainable environment for all residents. The County provides extensive resource management programs protecting natural resources including land and water, as well as comprehensive education programs helping residents and businesses make the most environmentally friendly choices. These programs together will help to create a more sustainable future.


St. Croix County public transportation is available for senior citizens through the Department of Aging. For those who are 60 or older, there are not only volunteer medical transportation services, but also specialized van transportation for seniors with disabilities and their spouses.

Local Government

The St. Croix County Board of Supervisors consists of 19 members, one from each of the county’s districts. This governing body is responsible for supervision of the county’s policies and budgetary allocation.

County History

When Wisconsin was established as a state in 1848, St. Croix County was much larger than it is today, encompassing both present day Pierce and Polk counties. The present day boundaries were established in 1853. The county flourished from very early on, as the Hudson and River Falls railway connected the to Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul, and Omaha Railway. As the county continued to grow, its main industry shifted from Wheat farming to dairying, a tradition that continues in the area to this day.

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