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One of Anoka County’s main attractions is the Anoka County Fair, a six-day long affair with concerts, carnival rides, livestock exhibits and more. Find the perfect house for you and your family, browse our listings of homes for sale in Anoka County now!

Median Home Price: $194,000

Anoka County


Anoka County is perfect for those who enjoy outdoor recreational activities. From camping to canoeing and snowmobiling to swimming, the fun outdoor happenings are nearly endless. Anoka County is home numerous lakes and rivers, as well as the Bunker Beach Waterpark – for those who prefer man-made pools to swim in. The Wargo Nature Center also resides within the county, and is a fantastic place to view native wildlife and learn about local flora and fauna.


Residents of Anoka County have access to all types of shopping experiences, from browsing gently used items in thrifty boutiques to strolling through a regional shopping center. If you enjoy getting all of your shopping done in one place, the Northtown Mall is filled with everything from Express to Four Paws and a Tail to PacSun. Whether shopping for yourself, your pet, or a loved one, you’ll find everything and anything you need in Anoka County.


Regardless of what you’re craving, the Anoka County dining scene has something perfect for you. From all of your fast food favorites to fun sit-down restaurants, you’ll find something palate pleasing in this county’s wide selection of eateries. If you’re looking for a breakfast experience beyond anything you’ve ever experienced before? R.J. Riches is the place to go. Thinking something more exotic? Stop by Ginger Café for delicious curries and stir-fries.


Anoka County pushes sustainability and environmental friendliness whenever possible. Not only does the county provide compost and hazardous waste disposal facilities, but has extensive resources available to residents detailing how homeowners can be more environmentally responsible.


Public transportation is available throughout Anoka County, giving residents reliable transit options whether they own their own vehicle or not. Not only are their regular bus routes provided by Metro Transit, but there is also Dial-a-Ride services as well as utilize the Volunteer Transportation network – through which local seniors and veterans can get rides from Anoka County volunteers.

Local Government

Anoka County’s Board of Commissioners is made up of seven members, each elected by their local districts. The Board presides over the 21 cities and townships located within the county, and provides oversight for all county operations and budgets.

City History

Anoka County was first settled, temporarily, by fur traders, who made their living trading with the local Dakota and Chippewa tribes. The first permanent settlement, located near present day Anoka, was built in 1846 and established a trading post in the area. Between the construction of the first settlement to the addition of the railroad in 1864, the county continued to grow, with schools, churches, and general stores popping up around the territory.

Enhanced infrastructure and transportation methods continued to entice residents to settle in the county throughout the decades. Anoka County is currently home to just fewer than 340,000 residents and is the 4th most populous county in the State.

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