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Elk River has lots of amenities for its residents: two golf courses, Elk River Arena for skating, and a multitude of parks with walking paths, lakes for fishing and lots of open space. As the junction of the Mississippi and Elk rivers, the city also boasts a sophisticated energy source from the dam and has been named a Minnesota “Energy City.” If you are searching for homes for sale in Elk River, MN, view our Elk River real estate listings today.

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Elk River


The city of Elk River provides residents with over 40 well-maintained parks and recreational facilities. With the Youth Athletic Complex and Oak Knoll Athletic Complex there are plenty of baseball, softball, football, and soccer fields for residents of all ages to utilize. Elk River also has an activity center, ice arena, golf course, and more. Whether you’re looking for recreational programs, sports leagues, or the farmers market, the Parks and Recreation department of Elk River has it all.


There are several different shopping districts in the Elk River area, each with their own unique shops. These distinct districts include the shops on Freeport Avenue, historic downtown Elk River, and downtown Otsego. From appliances to furniture, and from clothes to motorcycles, if you need it, you’ll find it close by in Elk River.


Elk River’s dining scene is filled with options ranging from old American favorites to more exotic fare. Rockwoods Grill is serving up burgers, pizzas, and sandwiches for those looking for a delicious classic, while Mucho Loco cooks up some of the best burritos and enchiladas around. No matter what you’re hungry for, you’ll find it in Elk River.


Elk River is a city that has made it a priority to reducing their environmental impact. Elk River is a GreenStep City – meaning that it has completed, or has made the commitment to complete, initiatives to increase sustainability and quality of life within the city. Beyond that, Elk River is home to two LEED* certified schools, speaking to the city’s level of dedication towards building a sustainable future.
*LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, Green Building Rating System is a voluntary national standard for constructing sustainable buildings.


The Elk River Area School District (ISD 728) serves the residents of Elk River. The district is home to approximately 12,500 students, and 50,000 lifelong learners. Independent School District 728 is known for its academic excellence, with student test scores that consistently meet or exceed national averages.


Metro Transit provides public transportation services to the residents of Elk River with Park and Ride lots and Express buses into the downtown districts of the Twin Cities. For seniors and those with disabilities, the Transportation Resource Center offers Elk River community transit service on weekdays.

Local Government

Elk River is a statutory city utilizing a weak Mayor-Council form of local government. The council consists of the Mayor and four councilmembers elected by Elk River’s four wards. The City Council is responsible for the administration of the city’s policies.

City History

Elk River has a history steeped in energy. First, hydropower created by the Orono dam powered a sawmill erected in 1851. As the area transitioned from a lumber industrial center to agriculture, gristmills and a starch factory were constructed to replace the sawmill. In 1912 an ice storm destroyed the Orono dam, but a new dam quickly replaced it in 1915, leading to the installation of electricity in the Village.

Charles Babcock, native of Elk River and the first Commissioner of Highways in the state, drafted the plan to create a network of paved roads throughout the state that would be emulated throughout the country. This made Elk River more accessible that ever and with this interconnectivity came a new form of energy. The nation’s first rural nuclear power plant went online in the village in the 1960s, though it was constructed only as a demonstration and was dismantled after a few (successful) years. In 1978 the Village and Township became a single city, becoming one of the largest land-based cities in the state at 44 square miles.

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