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The city boasts access to Lake George Regional Park and Rum River Central Regional Park, along with the Rum River and Cedar Creek. Located 30 miles north of Minneapolis, residents can easily take advantage of all that the metro area has to offer without living in dense neighborhoods. Check out Oak Grove real estate listings and see just what this fantastic, open community has to offer.

Median Home Price: $263,560

Oak Grove


The City of Oak Grove is home to over 40 city parks that offer residents a wide variety of recreational amenities. From hiking trails to skate parks, and playgrounds to river access, residents of all ages can find the perfect place to get outside and enjoy the activities they love. Whether you’re looking for a disc golf course, a traditional or want to spend the afternoon fishing, they City of Oak Grove has what you need.


Oak Grove offers residents the wide variety of shops and stores to provide for both everyday and specialty needs. Retailers include hardware stores, pet groomers, farmer’s markets, and everything in-between. Whether you’re looking to purchase fresh produce, a musical instrument, or a unique gift, you’ll find something for everyone here.


From your favorite fast food stops to unique eateries, you’ll find something for even the pickiest eaters to enjoy in Oak Grove. One local favorite is the Cedar Creek Baking Co. This spectacular bakery serves up sweet treats and cakes for both special occasions and every day enjoyment. Stop in and see for yourself!


Oak Grove provides a plethora of resources and programs to help keep the community as environmentally friendly as possible. By reducing excess energy use throughout city facilities and offering comprehensive recycling programs, the City seeks to improve quality of life and sustainability for all.


The following school districts provide comprehensive resources and educational services to the residents of Oak Grove:


Metro Transit and the Anoka County Traveler provide public transportation services to the citizens of Anoka County. From Metro Transit Park and Ride lots in neighboring communities to Dial-a-Ride transit available door-to-door through the Anoka County Traveler, Oak Grove residents have a safe and reliable way to get around.

Local Government

All city policies, ordinances, and budgetary decisions are decided by the Oak Grove City Council. This council is made up of the Mayor and four councilmembers who meet on the second and last Monday of every month.

City History

Oak Grove was originally settled as Oak Grove Township in 1855, and officially organized in 1857. The community was so named due to the plethora of oak trees evenly distributed throughout the territory, providing a beautiful, scenic environment. The township grew slowly but steadily over the next decades, until the population was large enough to require a more substantial government system. In 1993, Oak Grove was incorporated into the city it is today.

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