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Cities like Wabasha, Lake City, Plainview, and Kellogg all have charming, unique features perfect for families and individuals alike. Find your new place now by checking out our listings of homes for sale in Wabasha County.

Median Home Price: $157,620.00

Wabasha County


The recreational resources and amenities in Wabasha County are not only plentiful, but also well maintained. From Zumbro Bottoms State Forest to Coffee Mill Ski & Snowboard Resort, there is no shortage of awesome outdoor fun to be had here. Residents can enjoy camping, fishing, skiing, and swimming with all of these amenities located nearby.


Shopping in Wabasha County gives residents access to everything from flowers and chocolates, to clothing, to auto parts and hardware. Find something unique at Common Closet Thrift Store in Wabasha, or head to The Country Life in Plainview for fantastic furniture and antiques.


From the ordinary to the exotic, Wabasha County’s dining scene has something for everyone. If you’re looking for some delicious fresh seafood, you’ll have to stop by Slippery’s Tavern in Wabasha. Hungry for something new and different? Head to Nosh Restaurant and Bar in Lake City for Spanish Tapas or Chickpea Orecchiette Pasta.


From comprehensive recycling and hazardous waste disposal to educational resources regarding environmental friendliness, Wabasha County works to ensure that the future of this area is green. The county has worked to instate energy saving practices within their facilities as well as creating sustainable building plans going forward.


Three Rivers Hiawathaland Transit provides for the public transportation needs within Wabasha County. Beyond regular routes, the company offers dial-a-ride door-to-door services as well.

Local Government

The five-member Wabasha County Board of Commissioners oversees the legislative and administrative budgets and all county operations. This governing body works to improve county services and accommodate all residents to improve the quality of life within the county.

County History

Wabasha County was first settled as early as 1826, and was founded on October 27th, 1849. Growing about the county seat – the City of Wabasha – settlements began to take root, with agriculture cementing itself as the leading industry. River transportation was phased out by the addition of the railroad, which first reached the area in 1857. From then on the county enjoyed steady growth. Today, Wabasha County is home to a bustling economy and just over 20,000 residents.

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