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If you’re looking for the perfect place to call home that combines small town living but is close to a major metropolitan area, check out our listings of homes for sale in Wright County now.

Median Home Price: $246,110

Wright County


With beautiful regional parks, lakes, and open spaces, Wright County has the perfect place to enjoy countless recreational activities. From Beebe Lake Regional Park to Bertram Chain of Lakes to Schroeder Regional Park and Campground, residents have a variety of options where they can camp, swim, bike, hike, picnic, and play.


Wright County provides several unique shopping destinations to residents and visitors alike. On one end of the spectrum you have the Albertville Premium Outlets, where you’ll find high-end apparel, accessories, home goods, and more. On the other end of the spectrum you have the Wright County Swapper’s Meet, which is a huge weekend market available throughout the spring and summer, ending in October. At the Swapper’s Meet you’ll find everything from farm fresh produce to video games and movies.


Wright County is home to a unique dining scene where you’ll find everything from classic drive-ins to sports bars to quaint cafes. If you’re hungry for a great prime rib dinner, stop by Dave’s Town Club in Delano. Looking for spectacular pizza or an outstanding fish fry? Head to The River Inn in Hanover and you won’t leave disappointed. Wright County is also home to countless other diners, restaurants and eateries to please any palate.


The residents and officials of Wright County are dedicated to making environmentally friendly and sustainable choices throughout the county. With extensive recycling and hazardous waste management resources as well as increasingly efficient operations, Wright County is headed towards a more sustainable future.


In Wright County, public transportation is provided by Trailblazer Public Transit and the Wright County Volunteer Driver Program. Both programs offer Dial-a-Ride services and are available to the general public for any and all transportation needs.

Local Government

Wright County is governed locally by the five-member Board of Commissioners. Each board member is elected by their respective district within the county and serves either a 2- or 4-year term. This body is responsible for budgetary and operational oversight within the county.

County History

Established on February 20th, 1855, Wright County is located to the northwest of the Twin Cities. The county was named after Silas Wright, a New York politician serving from 1827-1846. After the county was created, many German and Swedish immigrants flocked to the area, which is made up of rich soils great for agriculture. Though much of Wright County remains rural to this day, the population is now just fewer than 130,000 residents.

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