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Whether you're in search of a two- or four-bedroom house, or would rather build your dream home on an open lot, the available real estate and homes for sale in Diamond Bluff have exactly what you're looking for. From gorgeous multi-story homes to the perfect lot to construct your new place, Diamond Bluff is a phenomenal choice for new homebuyers and serial movers alike.

Diamond Bluff


Located on the banks of the Mighty Mississippi, residents of Diamond Bluff, Wisconsin have easy access to countless recreational activities. From fishing and boating to strolling along the river, there are plenty of things to get out and enjoy. For those who are looking for fun indoors, Treasure Island is located a short drive away in Welch, Minnesota!


Diamond Bluff is located just minutes from both Hager City, WI, and Red Wing, MN. Each of these communities offers a wide variety of stores and boutiques to provide for any and all resident needs. From famous Red Wing shoes and pottery to the Outdoor Great Room store in Hager City, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for near Diamond Bluff.


If you’re hungry for a delectable flatbread, a juicy burger, spectacular sandwiches, or mouthwatering wings, you’ll find something for everyone to enjoy. From Bluff’s Bar & Grill, to the Nauti Hawg, to the Smokin’ Oak Rotisserie & Grill, to The Veranda, there are countless outstanding eateries near Diamond Bluff.


As part of Pierce County, Diamond Bluff has access to all of the recycling and sustainability programs that are offered through the county.


The Ellsworth Community School District provides educational services to the residents of Diamond Bluff. This district is known for its dedicated sustainability programs, spectacular academics, and a consistently high graduation rate. The Ellsworth district’s focus on cultivating experiences for personal growth provides an outstanding learning environment for students of all ages.


There are no dedicated public transportation services available in Diamond Bluff.

Local Government

Diamond Bluff is currently unincorporated. Pierce County is responsible for administering all policies, ordinances, and services in the town.

Village History

The community of Diamond Bluff was first settled in the mid-1800s as a steamboat stop along the Mississippi. Unfortunately, the town was shocked in 1890 by the tragic sinking of a steamboat named the Sea Wing, which took the lives of 98 passengers and crewmen. With the addition of the railroad, steamboat traffic slowed and was eventually phased out. Today, Diamond Bluff is a suburb of Hager City, Wisconsin, and Red Wing, Minnesota.

Pierce County

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